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Getting to know … There She Goes!

All Female Acoustic Band based in London.

Today we’ve come to the video shoot for a new acoustic 5 Piece girl band, “There She Goes”,  who are fast emerging as the ‘ones to watch for 2017’ & we couldn’t resist a  quick peak of the action. Let’s see what this sassy quintet  have to say for themselves…

So who are "There She Goes"?

Megan) “We’re an acoustic band. Five friends who wanted to offer something a bit different! A bit of ‘us’ I’d say. We all have our own styles musically, but when we get together the vibe is usually pretty electric!”
What type of music do you play?
Charlie) “TSG do covers of classics in our own acoustic style, all in 4 part harmony, with a twist! That could be pop right through to jazz! Clients help us choose what they prefer on gigs. The vids we're doing now will give a good idea on what we like to do.” 
When you’re not gigging, what do you do in your spare time?
Katie) ” Oh I love cooking! It’s a great way to de-stress and also learn about other cultures. I enjoy reading about food and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.”
You all look great. Do you have a specific fitness regime or diets you could share with us?
Molly)  “I love food. Katie's food to be specific. That is all!”  ( ** The band start laughing)
What’s the best thing about working in a band like TSG?
 Chez) “All the girls in the band are awesome ladies! It’s pretty kick ass to work with a bunch of amazingly talented musicians and get to have fun whilst playing music. We do love a boogie!”
I hear that you all do other things apart from 'There She Goes'. What type of things have you been up to personally with your music?
Molly) “I am currently writing for a new EP which will hopefully be released early next year. I’ve been doing some writing and featured vocals on a track with 'Zurich' - an alternative rock band from Oxford. I love the song, it’s pretty cool - when it’s out, definitely check it out”.
Megan) “My originals band Bloom ( had a record out at the start of this month so I’ve been all over the UK touring that. I’m also in an experimental choir which focuses on using effects pedals to create crazy soundscapes, that’s in development, I’m loving it!” 

Charlie) " I've got a new jazz/ pop fusiion project on the go - we'll be recording in the new year, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that develops. 
And Americana band and Copperhead Lucy have just released an E.P, too- look us up for some smoky vocals and Texan grooves!"
What are your fashion tips for playing live?
Chez) “You’ve got to be comfortable. People always look their best when they are comfortable. Don’t be scared to do you!”
What are your plans for Christmas & New years?
Charlie) "I'll be soaking up the festive music scene listening to bands and playing some Christmassy gigs as well as spending some quality time with family and friends.”
What tips can you give for booking a band for Christmas or live events?
Katie) “Book a band with a smile on their faces. Christmas shows need the feel good factor.”
And lastly, before you rush off again. What are the 2017 plans for TSG?
Molly) “Big things are on the horizon for There She Goes! We can’t tell you them all just yet. We’re all super excited. Lots of gigs and bringing loads of fun and music to lots of wonderful people!”
We’ll we are super excited to see how this pans out. Thanks for your time girls!
For more information on There She Goes, click the “Facebook” link!