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Playing it Coole…

This week we’re in for a treat!  When you hear the word ‘Daisy’ you are reminded of the common yet simple flower. While this young lady is truly  unique with a job that has allowed her to stand out from the crowd as most definitely not your average ‘Daisy’ at all!
The only relevance to the familiar is (unuseful fact!) is that a Daisy is in fact two flowers in one & that can be said for this Vixen. Daisy, talks to us about being a leading lady in the Sax world as well as running  Two Twenty Two Music, the successful Score writing company.
Lets get chatting to the one they call Ms. Daisy Coole…
Well hello lovely lady. Tell us a bit about yourself
“Well, I’m Daisy Coole and I’m a composer, producer and saxophonist from London”
Now we usually conduct these interviews with a cuppa tea but you seam to have stepped it up a bit with glasses of bubbly. Whats the occasion or is this an average Wednesday? 
“Ah, we’re drinking celebratory Prosecco in the sun because my company, Two Twenty Two Music, won the pitch to score a Sky Box Sets campaign with Game of Thrones actress, Rose Leslie.”
Thats absolutely amazing! Can you tell us a bit more about your company Two Twenty Two Music?
“Well, we have three branches: Scoring for film, writing music for adverts, and producing songs for artists. Our last film was a fantasy opera, for which we won Best Music at the 48 Hour Film Festival in London. The previous film, Blind Man’s Dream, debuted at Cannes Court Métrage and is currently being shown at Cannes Entr’2 Marches, which is the leading international festival for disability films.
We’ve also had a great year producing tracks for artists such as The Underground Ensemble (available on iTunes) and July Jones – London is teeming with talent!”
What style of music do you compose?
“The benefit of writing for media and film is that we get to test our hand at everything! Last year I’d never written any electro… then I found myself submitting a DnB track to a well-known licensing company and producing ambient electronic tracks for The Underground Ensemble. Recently we had to compose an original ‘Star Wars’ score in the style of John Williams. The finale to Empire Strikes Back is the root of my obsession with film music… how do you match that?! We gave it our best shot anyway and the first screening of Jedi’s Code is on the 20th July at Shorts on Tap.
Sounds busy. So how do you fit in time to be such an incredible Saxophonist? 

“I’ve only been seriously composing for two years. For the previous ten years, my focus was gigging as a saxophonist and flautist. I’ve been incredibly lucky to get some really fun jobs, such as touring Europe and appearing on music TV shows, such as Taratata… where I first met some fellow S.H.E. girls! I come from a jazz background so I’ve also done a lot of big band and jazz quartet gigs over the years, as well as the usual function circuit.

For Two Twenty Two Music, my specialism is obviously horns and woodwind – I’m just waiting for that 70’s cop show parody job! I’ve spent years arranging for youth jazz and concert bands of varying levels, which requires creativity and quick thinking. This helps hugely, especially when writing for adverts, which usually have super-fast turnarounds.”

That sounds like fun!  Do you enjoy it?
” Well, every week is different. Last week was final edits for an artist’s upcoming music video. The weekend was taken up with string arrangements for an advert. Next week is all about an adult animated comedy series.  Somehow I also fit in the usual wedding/summer party gigs and running a Saturday music school (shout out to Young Music Makers!) It’s a real challenge to balance composing, playing and teaching, and can be absolutely exhausting but yeah, I love it!”
Who’s your WCW (woman crush wednesday)
” I would say the instagram Pin-Up Queen, Miss Victory Violet. She has, quite frankly, the best and most colourful wardrobe I’ve ever seen!”
How about Female Musicians that you admire & why? 
“Right now it’s composer Jessica Curry. She’s just won a BAFTA for the game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – absolutely killing it in a male dominated world!”
Sorry to be so predictable but I must say your one trendy lass. Any Fashion tips?
“I’m absolutely loving the vintage / pin-up look at the moment and am now obsessed with the brand ‘Collectif’. For hourglass girls like me, vintage is the only way forward!
What advice would you give to anyone booking you?
“For Two Twenty Two? Be communicative. Give us a clear deadline and as many emotive words as you like… but if you’re not sure about what musical terms (or instruments) are, don’t use them! It can only confuse the conversation.”
What is included when booking you for production work? 
“We’re happy to work with artists on songwriting, arranging and recording rhythm section and horns, and even adding orchestral strings and cinematic production if you want! Our studio space also has a massive pink sofa, a friendly cat and some really great coffee (priorities).”
And lastly, what’s happening in 2016 for Two Twenty Two Music? 
“Serious planning for 2017! On the production side, we’re looking forward to a video release for one of our artists. We’re also in production talks for a possible Netflix-based comedy series. Although we’re only two years old, we’ve got a hell of a lot going on but that doesn’t stop us from getting out and networking! We try to get to a film event, meet up or industry party at least once a month.”
Any links so we can find you?? 
“Check out our showreels at or come and say ‘hi’ on twitter @two22music “


We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you on a gig soon and hearing your great music on all the best adverts!
You can find more info about Daisy via Daisy S.H.E! Saxophonist