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Magical Musician Mummys – Part 2

We’ve been speaking on the subject on being a new mum whist freelancing in a pretty tough industry. This week we will be speaking to young mum Cedrina Shari about her transition from musician to working mother…

Hey! Tell us a tad bit about you
“I’m Cedrina Shari & i’m a vocalist born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but like many artist claim NYC as home.
I started out singing Classical music from a young age quickly veering to Gospel, opening for many Top Acts like , I studied and worked in Theatre for many years working for multiple Theatre Companies across America. Some shows I’ve had the pleasure of doing include Yolanda in North Carolina Black Reps production of “Crowns”, Carmen in “Fame”, and  Off-Broadway Production of Hinton Battle’s “Love Lies”. Since then I’ve traveled the world singing backgrounds with the Legendary Boney M, did some Theatre in Zurich, Switzerland, as well as traveling with S.H.E Entertainment to Guangzhou, China where I was the lead singer for the W Hotel.”
How was the pregnancy?
“I found out I was pregnant about 3 days before my contract to China. I remember waiting in line for visa thinking that something felt a bit different. I spent pretty much my entire pregnancy in China and boy was it an experience. Luckily I had no complications, but I was so exhausted performing 6 nights a week/ 4 sets a night. After a certain point if I wasn’t eating on our 15 minute break, then I was sleeping on the steps backstage praying to Jesus for more energy lol.I remember being onstage and standing next to the drums and bass amp and I could literally feel baby dancing around to the beat.”
Now you have a new one, tell us about him/ her? 
“Oh my Drayton Josiah, he’s perfect, and I really don’t mean it because I’m his mom (although I’m extremely biased lol). He is super sweet, calm and honestly the easiest baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. “
How has the adjustment been? 
” Interesting! In the way that my baby (THANKFULLY) has really been the least of my worries. He honestly rolls with the punches and just gets on with it. It’s been interesting trying to balance others expectations on my situation and being honest with myself on how much work I could take on etc. I’m (usually) very organised and together but with the little one you never know how the day is going to go.
I’m a water sign so more often then not I like to just “go with the flow of life”, so in an effort to stay sane I find myself waking up in the morning and asking minion what we’re going to do that day. If we accomplish everything its a bonus, but if not its not the end of the world as long as baby is fed, clean and happy.”
In helinsight, what would you say have been the distinct differences? 
“Before I had my minion I would be in my emails constantly, checking them multiple times a day, after minion was born I didn’t notice I hadn’t checked my email for a month at one point, which is very bad for business lol. Its just so easy to get caught up in the everyday and being completely exhausted at the end of it. “
What are peoples response when they find out you have a child? 
“I think people that know me are a bit shocked, maybe because it was a bit sudden lol. I think also I’m on the younger side of life, so people tend to be a bit surprised in that sense, but I get on with it!”
What are your goals for your child? Would you want them/ not to become a musician and why?
“I hope to continue to give him all the tools he needs as well as exposing him to the many ways of the world, to allow him to have a deeper understanding in his growth. His father is also a very talented singer so music is naturally in his blood.
I remember when I first had him, I’d bring him to my rehearsals (he was about 2 months) and he would hum  in the key of the music till he fell asleep, so do I think its a possibility, definitely!
My only concern with him becoming a musician would be because I would never want him to experience some of the hardships of such an unstable career, but honestly he’ll be 2nd generation in the arts and I’m sure all I’ve been thru in the business paired with my degree should make his ride a lot easier.  “
Good sides/ Bad sides of being a working mum?
“I would say, its the time I get to spend with my baby. So many children are being raised by their daycare but it was extremely important to me to be hands on with my kid. Time for me is the most important thing in life.”
What are your future goals now you have an addition to the family? 
“I think now more then ever its been more important for me to reach my goals and dreams. Not only for my boy but for me. You hear so many horror stories of how babies cancelled so many women’s dreams but I feel I belong to the new generational thinking that it is possible to have both! I think its important for him to see me accomplish my dreams so he can feel empowered but also to empower myself to continue to nurture and love his dreams and goals. I will continue to speak life into myself and my child. “
We’ll we wish you all the best with Sir Drayton and we are sure that all of your many dreams will come true!

More info on the fabulous Cedrina can be found by clicking this link; Cedrina – Vocalist