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Lee Gold by Name… Gold By Nature!

 The S.H.E Collective have worked with artist Lee Gold for a number of years now but it is fair to say that as a musician, she is one of our many hidden treasures. Fundamentally, used as a keyboardist & backing vocalist within the collective, this multi-talented young lady has a lot to look forward to in 2016 and beyond.

I sat down with our ‘Golden Girl and got a bit more personal with our uber talented artist that is Lee Gold…

Tell us a bit about your act?
“I am a pianist, singer, arranger and musical director so I wear many different hats, sometimes more than one at a time! I often get booked as a solo act which I enjoy doing but there’s nothing better than playing with a band! I am a freelance musician so I have my own band – The Lee Gold Quartet- and I also get booked with other bands like the wonderful SHE Function band to play keyboards and do Bv’s or as lead singer. Most of my gigs are Jazz Performances but I also do a lot of Pop gigs too. I’ve worked all over the world: from America to Europe, Mauritius and Africa
 Sounds very interesting. What gigs have you been up to recently?
“This year has flown by so fast and have been really busy with some amazing gigs. At the moment, I’m full steam a head with some regular gigs in London and because it’s Summer I’m doing a lot of function work outside of London which has been really fun. A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of being the featured artist at The Monday night concert at Ronnie Scotts Upstairs alongside Italian Saxophonist Renato D’aiello. My Trio was also booked to play at the Donne Jazz and Blues Festival in Bertinoro in Italy in July. Unfortunately, our flight got canceled at the very last minute and we were unable to make it in time for the concert. (The ups and downs of a touring musician!)”
How annoying! With that in mind, what do you love about your job?
“Music is my passion and I’m so grateful I get to make music for work. I love the excitement, the energy, the satisfaction of bringing a smile or even a joyful tear to the audience. I love collaborating with other artists and blending sounds.”
What’s your routine before a gig? 
“I‘m a real, girl’s girl, so I won’t lie, dressing up and makeup etc. is a big part of getting ready for a gig. I always make sure I look sleek, polished and professional. I often incorporate my vocal warm-up whilst getting dressed and doing makeup, as warming up on the tube is often frowned upon! lol! If I use the car because I need to take lots of gear, I always make sure to double check I have everything, especially if the gig is outside of London.”
Who’s your WCW (woman crush Wednesday)

‘Rachel Price, the lead singer from a really cool American group called “Lake Street Dive‘. She is a killer singer and amazing songwriter! She’s got serious soul in her voice!’ 

Female Musicians that you admire & why?
“I absolutely adore Diana Krall – She plays piano and sings with such ease and perfection and always blows me away with how amazing she is. I also admire Hiromi – a seriously tearing jazz pianist, piano chops for days!
Another lady who inspires me is the wonderful Victoria Theodore – keyboard player and backing vocalist for Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. The way she carries herself on stage is brilliant and her keyboard execution is top-notch.
What do you find tough about the industry?
“It’s hard to find time to have a holiday! #firstworldproblems
The music industry requires constant hard work, and it’s difficult to find downtime. Work is sometimes difficult to find so when there is a good consistent flow of work I don’t want to take a break because I know there is likely to be a quiet period at some point but because the industry is so unpredictable at times it’s difficult to know when that is. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy with gigs but you do need have a balance of work and play. “
What are you loving about the Wedding Season/ Party Season?
“I love the happiness and the fun we see when people are dancing to our music we are making. It’s great to be part of someone’s special day and I also get to work with different function bands and meet new people which I love. Playing with the SHE girls is always a treat, because it’s like hanging out with all your girlfriends while you do what you love.”
What’s happening in 2016 for Lee Gold?

“At the moment, I’m working hard on two things….Planning my wedding for December, yes Lee Gold is finally tying the knot!  I’m also planning on releasing my debut album, which I’m very excited about. Not sure of release date yet but hoping early 2017. “
We wish you all the best for that & thank you for your continued work with the SHE Collective. For more info about Lee Gold or gig listings go to