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From the early age of 5 music has always been a big part of Julia’s life. By the age of 10, mentored by a Berklee graduate, she excelled in all styles of music on a variety of instruments from clarinet to guitar but majoring in saxophone. By the age of 15 Julia had won the prestigious Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for 3 consecutive years, marking her achievements.
She graduated from The London Collage of Music in 2014 and now holds a bachelor’s degree in music.

Julia is very comfortable playing all ranges in the saxophone family but is usually seen on tenor sax. She is a very strong reader with high technical ability, adaptable and versatile, with solid improvisational skills. Having played in virtually all musical settings from club nights with DJ’s, solo classical works all the way to to big band jazz. She has a great understanding of many genres, along with experience performing in many different venues from homely English pubs and clubs to corporate events throughout Europe.

Julia Harrison is rapidly building a formidable profile as a go to musician on the London scene fuelled by her passion and burning enthusiasm for music.