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DJ Maxine Hardcastle

DJ, Singer, Songwriter Maxine Hardcastle is not restrained by genre, having produced and sang on labels such as UNIVERSAL, HED KANDI, MINISTRY OF SOUND, PACHA RECORDINGS, KING STREET NEW YORK, NURVOUS and CNR. She has also released Chill Out and Smooth Jazz records on TRIPPIN’ N RHYTHM and HARDCASTLE MUSIC, hitting the No.1 and No.17 spot on the AMERICAN BILLBOARD chart. So how did she learn all of this? From no other than her father Iconic pop star, Paul Hardcastle.
Away from the clubbing world Max has built a solid reputation within the corporate industry, playing for brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Audi, The Morgan Hotel Group. In the UK she holds a residency at Annabel’s, which has a global reputation establishes over the past five decades and ‘Le Peep Boutique’ London’s newest exclusive private members club amongst several other london venues!