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Lets Go Cukoo Bang with Holly Mallett!

Her names Holly Mallett & she is a kick ass  drummer, trained actress as well as joint CEO of her own theatre company Cukoo Bang! We find out how this pint sized lady fits all this and more into her everyday life… 

Tell us a bit about what you do?

“I’m a freelance drummer based in London and UK. I do a lot of pit work for musicals, gigs and recording sessions for originals bands, spot appearances in music videos and I love doing function work for wedding and party bands! I’m a trained actress so I do a lot of actor-musician work onstage as well as composition and musical direction.”

Your a busy young lady. How do you fit the time in?

“Having drumming as a real passion really helps. I love the energy and happiness that I get from playing live, or the sense of accomplishment when I hear the final mix of a track I recorded or a video I’ve filmed. It’s wonderful to call it my job!

Mixing that with Theatre work gives me artistic freedom. My business partner Chris and I are totally on the same page that Cuckoo Bang is an outlet for our creativity, and we support what the other is doing all the way. Over all, it’s great having a safe platform to explore your own creativity in your own way.”

Any downsides?

“I find a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff quite tough. There’s a lot of bureaucracy that goes with running a theatre company. It takes a lot of time and there’s no guarantee all the hours work come through. Particularly when you’re a small company, you have to jump through a lot of hoops and there are so many other companies and artists vying for the same opportunities and platforms it can be intense, that’s why we try and create a community of support rather than competition.”

Whats your routine before a gig?

“I like to arrive as early as possible. I pack my car meticulously, making sure I don’t forget anything. I set up as soon as I can and then I can relax. I like to run over set lists before we go on – really refining what we’re going to do onstage. Then it’s all about warming up my arms to keep my muscles healthy – and food! Food is vital!”

Who’s your WCW (woman crush wednesday)

“Idina Menzel (RENT, Wicked, Glee, Frozen) was a massive inspiration to me as a kid. Her rise from Broadway star to household name was down to hard, hard work. She’s just got it.  That voice. It’s unmistakable. But what I love about her is her work ethic and humility. She’s an artist, and her lesser-known solo albums are amazing and totally underrated. I’ve played for RENT before and the drum parts are so fun. I’ve also sat in on the Wicket orchestra pit and the drum parts are insane. As an artist, I love her work. As a drummer, I always find the scores associated with the work she does creative and inspiring.”

What do you enjoy about being a #SHE Girl?

“It’s so great to be part of a female collective. It’s inspiring. I’ve always known women can rock it at least as hard as the men, now we get to prove it every gig. There’s something wonderful when you get a bunch of kickass female musicians in a room. It’s magic – and it rocks!”

Female Musicians that you admire & why?

“There’s just too many to name! But as for famous musicians, you can’t talk about female drummers without mentioning Cindy Blackman. That rocky punch she has with Kravitz is inspired, the girl hits HARD, which I love – but she also has serious Jazz chops. She’s definitely an original.

I also have a real admiration for the work Lady Gaga does. To me she’s a true musician. She’s a great band leader and her band are happy to follow, which is something you don’t often see in pop music. Her theatricality brings the music alive and the versatility in her voice she’s been showcasing the last few years is incredible.”

What types of events do you play?

“I’ve done everything from small rock gigs, musical theatre runs in the orchestra pit, to a BBC Arena tour dressed in a tartan skirt and giant purple wig!

I pride myself on being versatile, so I’ve done a wide range of types of events & I’m always up for a new adventure!”

Whats happening in 2016 for you and Cukoo Bang?

“A lot of parties and weddings as well as theatre work. Our latest play IN MY HEAD comes to the Brockley Jack May 31st – June 4th. So for now it’s all systems go on that front.

We’re also hoping to begin R&D and rehearsal for my new play CHOOSERS over the summer and into Autumn, so that will be in a theatre somewhere in 2017. Raising funds for that is the next step!

Beyond that, I want to get writing again, eventually I’d like us to try our hand at a Shakespeare!”

What would be your gig Fashion tips?

“For gigs I love to keep it simple and classy. Black trousers, crisp white shirt and a tie. It’s classic. I like simplicity in my day-to-day wear too. I’m currently loving oversize tops with rolled or cut-out sleeves, and the skinniest jeans or leggings that look like they’re painted on.nOh – and a pair of Docs never go out of fashion!”

More info about Holly can be found here; Holly – SHE Girls Drummer

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