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A Cosy Chat With “Dream Girls Disco”


 Over the Christmas, we’ve had the luck of hanging out with the super group “Dream Girls Disco”. These 3 ladies have it all, the voices, moves, and the looks. We caught up with the awesome party trio and asked them some quick fire questions before they blew us away with their live performance …


Four words that describe you…

“Fun, energetic, soulful and sassy.”

What’s unique about Dream Girls Disco?

“We’re not just working colleagues, we’re best friends and sisters. We have known each other for 14 years in total. Danielle & Tania grew up with a Dad in a famous Brit-funk band, Second Image, so music runs in our veins and all the songs we sing are songs we grew up listening to from our parents.”

What type of songs do you play on a typical show?

“We perform the biggest Motown & Disco Hit’s from the 60’s right through to the 80’s, as well as mixing modern day songs with a Motown twist. “

Funny gig story?

“When we were living abroad in Gran Canaria we were singing in a very plush 5* hotel and in the middle of one of our songs Tania’s shoe flew off, she must have been dancing pretty hard. Luckily it didn’t hit anybody but it was hard to keep in our giggles.” 

Who is your WCW (woman crush Wednesday)?

“Megan Markle. She’s an amazing actress and she’s managed to bag herself a prince. Lucky her!”

Fav thing to do on your day off?

“We’re typical girls we love to shop, eat out and catch up with friends on our day’s off.”

What’s your routine before a gig? 

“We all do a warm up before we have a gig, sometimes we give each other a little positive pep talk to get our adrenaline going. Normally Danielle doesn’t talk for most of the day and brings hot lemon and honey in a flask.”

Now, I’ve seen your show. You girls can MOVE! How long have you all been dancing? 

“All of us have all been dancing for years. Dancing is our passion just as much as the singing.”

What advice would you give to anyone booking you? 

“I hope you’re ready to dance. Comfortable shoes are advised!”

What’s happening in 2017 for Dream Girls Disco? 

“We already have bookings in 2017 for gigs around the UK, which is exciting. Our song repertoire is ever growing and we hope to challenge ourselves even more for next year.”


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