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5 Mins & A Cuppa With Vocalist Katie Hector

As working musicians, we often meet singers and artists who know how to ‘wow’ a crowd, either with vocal riffs or pure performance. But every once in a while (usually years), one silently  peers through and once you find out there surname, they’ve become super divas who can just about look in your direction without it costing YOU £75! We’ll ladies & gents, we’ve found one and she’s no diva.

A humble spirit with a love for the music and colourful leggins as opposed to the accolade. Accreditations due to her talent rather than ‘being seen in the right places’.

This humble soul, has worked with everyone on the “Soul Singers Wish List” and yet still finds the time to share her gift as a Vocal Coach in London with anyone who wants to get involved. Does this even happen anymore? You would think you would need a parent who knows someone who has obtained a Members Only invite in order to obtain a one off lesson.. via Skype! No, all you have to do is Facebook her! What are the chances?

Lets be frank. Is the wonder of her talent due to her being  a white girl from Leicester who looks like the quirky girl next door yet sounds like she was raised in the deep roots of Southern America during the 1800’s? … Kinda, but not really. You can say what you want & give every reason behind it, but the fact remains… this girl can sang! She knows her craft, how to have a crowd in the palm of her hand and is now taking this gift and sharing it as a vocal coach in South London!!

Today I was lucky enough to take 5 minutes out with a cuppa tea to speak to the touring Vocalist/ Songwritter and now Vocal Coach Katie Hector. Here we go…

Ok so, Whats your name & where do you come from?

” Ello! I’m Katie Leone Hector, born in Leicester and now live in Chatam with my husband and my Cat!”

Tell us a bit about  what your job.

“I’m a freelance professional singer and vocal coach. I’ve been doing this since I was 18, so I can confidently say i’m a Professional.  In my time I’ve worked with Incognito, Chaka Khan, Emeli Sande, Lou Reed and Jocelyn Brown…plus many many more.”

What do you love about your job?

  “As a singing teacher I enjoy pushing people through their self imposed limitations but as a musician, I love meeting, networking with new musicians & in the UK as well as worldwide. “

Whats your routine before a gig?

“Warm up, dress up, make up. Get friendly with the sound engineer for the best possible monitoring- I tell this to my singing students all the time, don’t be a diva, be friendly and work with your engineer for a great sound. This is so important for vocal health and for your reputation as a singer!”

Who’s your WCW? (woman crush wednesday)

“lol….Cate Blanchett in ‘Carol’ is divine!  I also watched a video of Prince featuring Sheila E stepping out from behind her kit to strut about the stage in an asymmetrical leotard and heels. She looked like a model, she played like a badass. “

What do you enjoy about being a #SHE Girl?

“Working with fun and talented ladies. Being inspired by the best!”

What advice would you give to anyone booking you?

“As a vocal coach I would say don’t expect me to be theoretical, expect me to be practical. I can recommend plenty of great teachers who will help teach you to sight sing, but my focus is on creativity- helping you to deliver a song with maximum emotional connection, stylistic authenticity and originality. So many students I see believe they can’t reach certain notes or sing a certain way because they have been told this or they  even tell themselves this. I love taking those limitations off people. I aim to vocally liberate!”

What types of events do you play?

“In my time I have played at every kind of venue or event possible…weddings, major festivals with major artists, jazz clubs, film premieres… name it”

Whats happening in 2016 for Miss Katie Hector?

“I’ll be continuing touring through the summer with Incognito who I have worked with for the last 3/4 years.  A highlight has been our collaborations with Chaka Khan, I can’t believe I’ve sung beside this legend! I’m also setting up a new teaching space in south east london for my one to one tuition. I’ve got loads of bookings already but there plenty of spaces left!”

And lastly, your style is definitely something that stands out about you. Any Fashion tips for us?

“I always buy items when I’m touring around the world from vintage shops or independent boutiques. I love an item with a story attached…..when people say “I love your jacket” and I say “thanks it’s from Japan” it opens up a whole conversation about your travels and time there. You can revisit memories through the clothes you wear :-)”

Tea done & back to work…

If you would like to book Katie, all you have to do is click this link -> Facebook

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